Lovely words from my clients

Kind words from my clients

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a colour session with me, yet feel a little bit uncertain about it, you may find these kind words from a few of my clients reassuring.

And, of course, I’m very happy to answer any questions you may have about what’s involved in a colour therapy session or programme.

Simply schedule a call with me.

“Amazing how colour therapy works by tapping into your subconscious bringing to the surface that which is blocking you from being your best you. I have had several readings with Nicky that have really helped me lead both a more inspired and empowered life. If your goal is to personally evolve, a colour reading will help you do just that.”

Jennifer from the Seeker’s Lamppost

“I’m currently having a few colour readings/sessions with Nicky and I am very impressed by her compassion and professionalism. I lost my husband nearly four years’ ago and I have felt ready to take some steps to move my life forward. My sessions bring up a lot of emotions and sometimes I struggle to stop my tears, but Nicky is always gentle, nurturing and understanding and she allows me space to go at my own pace. I am recommending her to anyone who needs some support and insight to navigate through this challenging and devastating grief experience.

Rachel J

“Nicky’s knowledgeable insight, regarding the impact of colour, is outstanding. She is a great person to guide you into owning your own power emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, through her work. I have had three readings with her, two through Zoom and one in person, and I highly recommend this very professional, cordial woman!

Roberta N

“Nicky is an amazing colour therapist. Her colour sessions deep dive into your questions and provide helpful stepping stones for action. The colour oils and spritzes are marvellous and allow you to take away a reminder of the session. Do try a colour session with Nicky. It’s a joy!

Lynne S

“Thank you so much for a very deep and enlightening session that cleared so much grief and pain that had been hidden for a long time. You truly are amazing with your gifts and knowledge. I felt comfortable and safe opening up to you as you gently asked questions and guided me through being able to understand and release what was embedded and stopping me from moving forward. Thank you Nicky.

Liz C

“It always feels a privilege to work with you and I learn so much about myself.

Jo W

“Just to let you know that another part of the reading you did for me last year came to fruition. You were absolutely spot on.

Kerry R

“Colour Therapy is so simple and gentle but also so deeply healing at the same time. I highly recommend a session with Nicky, she is amazing.” and “Thank you so much Nicky for my session this morning. You are truly gifted at what you do.”

Michelle L

“I loved our colour session, and got so much from it. Looking forward to another one soon.


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