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Support and sustenance on your healing journey

Rediscover your essential essence & sense of self

Experience and sustain your joyful state of being

Why I became a Colour Therapist

nicky batt with colour bottles

Colour is a very gentle, yet powerful way of getting a clear picture of who you really are from your soul – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I found colour therapy in 2011, when I was going through a very challenging time with loss and grief. In fact, colour therapy found me!

I had lost my partner to an incurable illness a few years previously and whilst I received help after his death, I struggled with depression and a lack of direction. I just existed in my pain and struggled through.

colour mirrors logo

It was then that colour drew me in to explore what was really going on inside me – with stuck feelings and emotions that I was unable to process. I had suppressed all my feelings and ignored them until colour showed me the way forward. And I did not look back!

Having this personal experience with the healing power of colour was the kickstart I needed to train in all the levels of colour therapy. I’m now a qualified colour therapist working with the powerful colour healing system called Colour Mirrors. Initially I trained for my own healing – and then I realised that I could help others too.

My healing journey

blue and green bottles with start crystal and tarot card

I’ve been exploring my healing journey since my early 20s because since my childhood, I’ve had various illnesses on and off which have blind-sided me. This fed my curiosity and led me to embrace various holistic modalities alongside modern medicine.

I’m trained in reiki, spiritual healing, and Metatronic healing as well as colour therapy. I’ve walked the path of the loss and grief journey and understand how healing can help you throughout, because I’ve experienced this journey too.

range of colour mirror bottles

I’m currently supporting my ageing parents who are going through various aspects of living in their 80s and 90s. Colour is keeping me in balance and in my power. It is my ‘go to’ healing tonic.

This is why I now help midlife women use soul healing with colour to navigate the journey of living with the impact of loss, heartbreak, and grief.

Whether you are simply curious about colour or would like colour therapy to help with your grieving or loss, as it did for me.

My soul mission and values

nicky batt with colour bottles
nicky batt with colour bottles

My soul mission is to use colour therapy healing to help you rediscover your true identity so you can continue your soul journey with confidence and joy.

And these are my core values, which are present in what I do and the way I work with you:


Integrity bottle G10 Impeccability

Bottle G10 - Impeccability

Being honest, sincere and true to myself and my clients in what I say and do. 

Giving of my best and working in my highest frequency possible, with awareness of you and your needs, so that my service helps you. Trusting in my essence, soul and intuition.


Unity bottle G27 Unity

Bottle G27 - Unity

I believe that we’re all working together for the greater good. When you work on yourself and releasing your inner wounds and blocks, you’re helping others on a similar frequency and vibration to release their wounds too. Together, we’re here to lift the vibration of the planet and help each other in the process.


Courage bottle G12 I AM

Bottle G12 - I AM

I have the courage to be true to me, and to you. Together we come to the edge and jump. 

I have the courage to be unique, different and to put my own twist on things.


Authenticity bottle G11 Generosity

Bottle G11 - Generosity

Being Me – real and genuine; warts and all. My best is enough. Not copying or comparing myself with others. Honouring my energy to be the perfect ‘mirror’ for you and helping you to rediscover yourself.


Love bottle G33 Love Miracles

Bottle G33 - Love & Miracles

I love what I do and provide my services with love and compassion. I’m here to listen to you and what you wish to share, so that you’re heard and understood.

Love is very personal. For me it means making decisions from my heart and intuition and creating flow and abundance that excites you as well as me. So, my fees include the connection with my energy and soul essence and to cover my outgoings, my energy exchange, and my studies and experience.

How I work

nicky batt
nicky batt

When you work with me, you’ll:

  • Have the support and sustenance you need to work through your personal loss or challenges
  • Rediscover your essential essence and sense of self
  • Reconnect with your vitality for life and with your close relationships
  • Experience and sustain your joyful state of being

If you’d like to discover how colour can help you heal

Helped me lead a more inspired and empowered life

“I’m currently having a few colour readings/sessions with Nicky and I am very impressed by her compassion and professionalism. I lost my husband nearly four years’ ago and I have felt ready to take some steps to move my life forward.

My sessions bring up a lot of emotions and sometimes I struggle to stop my tears, but Nicky is always gentle, nurturing and understanding and she allows me space to go at my own pace. I am recommending her to anyone who needs some support and insight to navigate through this challenging and devastating grief experience.”

Rachel J

Ways to work with Nicky

Choose from an introduction to colour therapy or you can opt for a series of 121 online sessions.

blue and lilac colour bottles with heart

One Hour Colour Reading

different colour liquid bottles

Colour Therapy Packages

circle colour bottles with healing stone

Deep Colour Healing Journey

autumn colour mirror bottles

Spirit of the Season workshops

How to start your colour journey

Start with a one hour colour therapy reading
or we can discuss a package of in-depth ongoing sessions

Step 1

Let’s chat

Step 2

Choose your colour therapy package

Step 3

Raise your frequency with colour

Raise your vibe with colour

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