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What does it mean to you?

These past three years have given us an opportunity to look at what freedom means for us.

And for many people, their sense of direction has gone!

Being at home more has made us question our values and what we want from life.

For some, they’ve realised the work-life balance is out of sync.

Others have been enjoying being cosy and hiding away in their own space and are still not ready to leave that safety net.

Some are now questioning the meaning of their life. What’s the point of all this?

And for many, the stuff that’s been hidden because life has been so busy is showing up thick and fast where it now has time and space to knock us on the head and say here I am! 💥

Things like feeling unfulfilled, not being seen, being unheard, passed our ‘sell-by-date'(!), feeling unworthy and powerless to make a change.

Past hurts and traumas are coming to the surface to be looked at, too. It feels like the inner pain is overwhelming.

STUCKNESS – if there is such a word🤔 – is just filling every space, and every cell.

Life is tapping us on the shoulder now saying, ‘Hey, wake up’! What do you want for your life?

So, I’m inviting you to consider how you want to live your life on your terms.

What does that look like for you? Are you already living it?

If you’d like to explore this at a deeper level maybe a colour therapy session can help you gain some clarity and traction on how to move forward.

Click here to book a session with me.

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